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Pune , Maharashtra
Chandrashekhar Patil
7798003456 | 7798003456
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  • Equipped with Advanced Technology, that results in high energy efciency. This technological innovation gives end user the advantage of better comfort and work further towards creating a sustainable environment.World’s most advanced
    airconditioning system with Innovative VRT technology.First launched in Japan in 1982, the Daikin VRV system has been embraced by the world markets for over three decades. Now, we at Daikin introduce the next generation VRV X system to reinforce our industry leadership. The system offers an enhanced line-up to meet an ever widening variety of needs, while improving energy savings, comfort and ease of installation. The VRV X is the most advanced airconditioning system in the world and is ideal for small and large spaces.

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    Energy saving technology for VRV X System:-

    1.X’TRA POWER SAVINGS Next Generation Compressor & VRT Smart Control.

    2.VRT-Variable Refrigerant Temperature in Indoor Unit (IDU) and Outdoor Unit (ODU).The new VRV - X system now features VRT technology in IDU & ODU. VRT automatically adjusts refrigerant temperature to individual building load and climate requirement, thus further improving annual energy efciency and maintaining comfort. With this technology, running costs are reduced.

    The outdoor unit capacity is up to 60 HP in increment of 2 HP.

    • VRV X outdoor unit offers a higher capacity of up to 60 HP, responding to the needs of
    large-sized buildings.
    • The single outdoor unit has only 2 different shapes and dimensions, not only simplifying the
    design process, but also bringing the system flexibility to a new level.
    • With the outdoor unit capacity increased in increment of 2 HP, customers' needs can be
    precisely met.
    • Outdoor units with anti-corrosion specifications (-E type on request) are designed specifically
    for use in areas which are subject to salt damage and atmospheric pollution.


    7798003456 | 7798003456

    Established in 2014, we, Glaciair is a Pune based specialist in AC, VRF, Chillers, AHUs to offices, malls, residential AC units and industries. We provide high quality products and service support as well as design solutions to meet individual client requirements.     Glaciair’s Scope & amp; Capabilities in Solutions, Products & Services include Concept, Design, Sales, Erection, Installation, Project Execution       VRF Air-conditioning Systems     Ducted-AC Systems     Cassette & Tower ACs     Split Air-conditioners.     Our team of highly skilled professional ensure that our customers receive the best possible product and service. This inherent strength endows Glaciair with the expertise to provide its valued customers quality engineering and technical support at every stage of a project implementation from concept to commissioning.     Under the fruitful guidance of our Proprietor Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil, we are able to fulfill the demands of our clients.

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