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This privacy policy of searcho.org is commuted to protect the privacy and confidential information/personal information that has been received or requested from its business partners & other users. This policy is subjected to change at any time without prior notice. Please review this policy periodically to make sure that you are aware of any changes that has been made. By visiting our website you agree to be bound by the terms and condition of our privacy policy. If you do not agree please do not access our website.
Collection of Data
All the information available and posted on searcho.org is publically available. Therefore it is up to you to provide us with the personal information that you are consenting to store in our data base. We collect and store all the information (contact details, email address, financial information details any other information) in our data base.
We use user's information posted on our website to provide our services to our clients. The data base available on searcho.org will act as a bridge between service provider and service user. We may use marketing and promotional offer thought advertisement to convey our services to users.
All the information on searcho.org is treated as strictly confidential and searcho.org does not and will not disclose or share such confidential information to any external party. searcho.org do not and shall not at any point in time either shall or misuse user's personal information to any third party without user consent.
Posting, Access, Modification & Deletion of Data
We use many security checks to protect the security and integrity of customer personal information against unauthorized access and use. Since internet security cannot be granted totally. So we do not insure and warrant the security of your information provided to us and you do so at on your risk.

We take full care and responsibility and protect all the information from misuse.
All the customers who are providing there information on searcho.org agree and accept that they have been fully informed by the searcho.org that the use of their information will be led to publication on our website.

All the customer agree that the authenticity of, and consequences of their information provided by them or any other person, is the sole responsibility of the customer. searcho.org is and will not be responsible for any kind of the issues related to customer information provided on our website.