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Turnkey operation theatre
This product is not available
Turnkey operation theatre
By - Flowkraft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Nashik , Maharashtra
Sarang Didmishe
9970054245 | 7774015272
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  • 1.      We design, manufacture and install turnkey operation theatre cleanroom and HVAC systems.

    Components of Operation theatre HVAC systems

    1.      Cleanroom partition panels in GI powder coated /SS insulated construction, thickness 0.6 mm inner outer sheet

    2.      Clean room door with all accessories

    3.      HVAC system with Air handling unit, duct, insulation

    4.      LAF unit, pass boxes

    5.      Surgeon control panel

    6.      Pressure monitoring system and optional Door interlocking, Pendent and OT light

    7.      Epoxy /PU flooring for OTs and hospital corridors


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    Flowkraft Technologies Pvt Ltd
    9970054245 | 7774015272

    About Us


    Incorporated in 2018, Flowkraft is already making inroads in to the field of HVAC, cold storages, Clean Room, Micro Contamination and Control Engineering and piping works.


    Our Vision is to be leading a leading HVAC, cold storage, micro contamination control solution provider in India, to be a part of India’s growth story and help in making world better place to live. To achieve our vision Flowkraft will strive to acquire leading edge technology with knowledge and value-based solution plus service capabilities to create value for its customers.


    Our mission is to provide cost effective, energy efficient, eco friendly solutions to the customers optimizing as per customer’s requirement.



    Flowkraft has a team of engineers, dedicated vendors and sub-contractors to undertake specialized jobs like ducting, ducting insulation, acoustic insulation, condenser and chiller piping, piping insulation, electrical distribution, power and control wiring, installation of various mechanical & electrical equipment’s. In addition to top class systems and solutions, Flowkraft is known for its expert and reliable people and immaculate service to its clients. Our people provide customers with Start?Up assistance and training opportunities to help keep their systems operating at optimal levels.



    About Directors


    Vishwas Joshi:  Mr Joshi is technocrat with more than 25 yeas of experience of Heating ventilation and Air conditioning and refrigeration, Civil, Electrical projects Managements and successfully completed more than many projects in India as well as abroad.


    Sarang Didmishe: Mr Didmishe is a mechanical engineer with more than 10 years of experience of Heating ventilation Air conditioning and Refrigeration system design. He has designed numerous projects in India. He is also a BEE certified energy Auditor







    Core Competencies:


    Ø  Vast Experience in HVAC and R project management

    Ø  Technical competency in HVAC and R system design

    Ø  Competent and experienced staff and supervisors

    Ø  Reliable sub-contractors and vendors

    Ø  Pan India presence

    Ø  Export Licence



    What we do:


    Ø  Design and commissioning of

    o   Central Air Conditioning Plants

    o   Cold rooms

    o   Clean rooms

    o   Ventilation systems

    o   Chilled water systems

    o   Industrial piping, electrification and instrumentation for utilities

    o   Hospital Air conditioning and Ventilation

    o   Winery and brewery cooling systems

    o   Hospitality HVAC Infrastructure

    Ø  Operations & Maintenance Contracts – for utilities systems.

    Ø  validation services, verification and certification and clean air equipment

    Our Esteemed clients

    Ø  Pernod Ricard

    Ø  Mahindra and Mahindra

    Ø  General Mills Limited

    Ø  Jilha Hospital

    Ø  City Care Hospital


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